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Dream Adria the canoe started her Journey in Grand Forks on the Red River of the North. She flowed little by little up the River, soon she passed by a few bevers who were busily building a dam in the river. One beaver took her and used her to complete its dam. Much time had passed by while she was in the dam for it was getting colder and the leaves on the trees were turning orange. Then one night there was a rain storm that swept her away back on her journey. Soon enough she came to another obstacle, for she had been stopped by a tree that fell into the water. She ended up stuck there for a long time, then one day white stuff started to fall from the sky, it was now winter. Adria spent the long winter months stuck on that fallen tree, but then after many months covered by snow and ice she was finally out in the open again. This time she was surrounded by big ice chunks and debris from the river. Soon the water started to get higher and higher because of the melting snow and ice, she was up by the small bridges and big trees. Then once again she was stuck but this time in a tree limb. After some time, the water went back down to the normal height, but she was still stuck up in the tree. The weather started to get much warmer, and the tree started to grow beautiful green leaves. One day a squirrel was climbing the tree in search for food and it came across her,the squirrel was not sure what she was but proceed to knock her off the tree limb. She was finally in the water once again. Adria flowed up the river for a long time until once more she was stuck, this time she got stuck in the shore near a small town along the river. One cold fall day a large dog came along and picked her up in its mouth. There was no owner in sight so the must have ran away. An older woman came along calling out for the dog, the dog ran back to its owner right away. The lady did not notice Adria was in the dog’s mouth. But when they got back to the woman's house her young granddaughter Elizabeth was staying with her and she noticed Adria and took her out of the dogs mouth. Elizabeth was only 5 and just learning to read, she did not know what the words on Adria ment so she just put the her underneath the bed and never told her grandmother about the canoe she found in the dog's mouth.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


Photo - 19RD0584