Code 19RD0583
Dream My canoe’s name is Andre, it symbolizes strength and courage. My canoe will start in the Red River in Grand Forks, ND and hopefully it will travel to Lake Winnipeg. The canoe starts off in the Red River and starts to flow north. It keeps on flowing and flowing until it starts to see some catfish. The catfish lives in the mud in the river, and they just sit there and circle around. After Andre moves on it encounters its first challenge. A huge branch is clogging up the river and Andre can’t pass through to continue. So he sits there for days and days until a beaver picks up the branch for its dam and Andre can continue. A couple days later he comes upon another beaver. This time he picks up Andre. He picks him up and swims towards his dam and builds it with Andre. Weeks pass and Andre is still flowing to the north but then he gets picked up by a goose. The goose starts to go north, and he flies over the U.S. Canada border. He flies and see a fish in the river and drops Andre back into the river. Andre has been flowing for 3 years now and has finally made it to Lake Winnipeg. Then a little boy about 4 years old spots him and picks him up and starts to play with him. After about 30 minutes the kid throws Andre back into the lake and that is where Andre's adventure is almost over. One more year passed and he finally made it to Hudson Bay and a boat saw him picked him up and used him for firewood.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


Photo - 19RD0583