Code 19RD0581
Dream It was fall and there was a canoe named Matilda made by a little girl and the name means “Mighty strong”. Matilda started her journey in The Red River and is going south of the river. On her journey she meets a few animals, one of them is a fish. As she is riding by the fish, it starts to push Matilda down a few miles, maybe 2 or 3, and then the fish just goes about its business as Matilda is going down the river. She is going down the river and all of a sudden, a storm starts and makes big waves pushing Matilda closer to the bank of the river, almost getting stuck in a branch that has fallen. As she is going by the bank, she ends up getting stuck in a branch. She was stuck in the branch for two days, when out of nowhere, a deer comes and picks up Matilda and starts carrying her for about 1 mile and a half. After the deer has carried Matilda, it ends up putting her back in the river and then starts to travel down towards the Red River Valley. Right by that river there was a fisherman on the bank of The Red River Valley and ends up seeing Matilda and grabs her and bring her to his house to look at her patterns and find out what they mean. Once the fisherman got home he saw that there was a code that he was suppose to type in on a certain site so then the little girl can see how far she traveled and then he puts her back in the river. It has been about 3 weeks and Matilda has traveled about 95 miles. She has seen fish,deer, fisherman, and a storm. Now she is getting towards the middle of the Red River Valley which is about 197 miles in. She is doing just fine until a moose picks her up and starts smelling it, and as it is smelling it, a hunter comes by and sees that she is about to be eaten but then grabs her just in time and walks away from the moose. As he was walking away he saw that he also had to go onto the website and then type a code in and then map the location where he picked up Matilda. After he did that he decided to keep her for the winter because there was suppose to be snow blizzard that night.Winter is just starting and now the hunter decides to go for a drive to Winnipeg and gives matilda to his best friend Jake and have him keep her for the rest of the winter. Jake has noticed to locate the place where she is at on the map and it says she has traveled about 170 miles in 4 in a half months. He is going to keep her until the snow and ice starts to melt and then let her continue her journey. He then takes Matilda home for the winter. He keeps her for about 4 to 5 months and then the snow and ice have finally melted. After the snow and ice melted, Jake brought Matilda back to the river and she then kept going on her journey. Keep in mind that it has been about 9 months since she has started her journey. She is now traveling down the Red River and is almost to Manitoba.As she is urging closer to Manitoba, she sees some birds, specifically geese and ducks, she also sees fish, deer, and a moose. She is now about 2 miles from Manitoba. As she is just getting to Manitoba, a fish pushes her closer to the bank of the river. She is about 2 inches away from the bank until all of a sudden, another fisherman gets her stuck in the fishing hook and takes her out of the water. He then looks on the inside and sees the little code and tracks her on his phone and puts her back in the water. It is Mid-June and it's been a year since she started her journey. She is now 10 miles into Manitoba and is trying to make her way down to Lake Winnepeg.As she is going down towards Lake Winnipeg, there were two people in a canoe and they end up picking her up and bringing her to the end of Manitoba. She is now right by the Hudson Bay. She then got into the Hudson Bay and has finished her journey.It took 3 years to finish.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


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