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Dream Hello I’m going to tell you about the story of how my canoe made it to Hudson Bay and it started in Grand Forks. The canoe’s name is Achak; this name means spirit. The reason why I chose this name is that my canoe has spirit to get there.I’m going to tell you what animals it meets on the way to Hudson Bay. The first animal it meets is a catfish. How they meet was when the catfish thought the canoe was food, so it tried to bite it and then spit it out so it would go faster.The second animal it met was a buffalo and how they meet was when it was drinking its water and they swallowed it without noticing. The last animal it met was a beaver and how they meet was by the beaver was looking for the perfect piece to put on his home and and he thought it was the canoe. The beaver habitat looks like is it’s all wood and it’s in the water really high up. A catfish habitat looks like is under the water in a muddy hole. The last habitat is a buffalo it’s close to water but not too far, so they mostly live on a prairie.The catfish helps the canoe by making it go faster and that makes it quicker to get to Hudson Bay.The beaver helped the canoe by thinking it was the perfect piece of it’s dam and then it fell off so it got by the dam.The buffalo helped it by walking a couple of miles,and when he went to the river to drink the canoe came out of it mouth, so it got the canoe close to Hudson Bay. The first challenge that happened was when the canoe got stuck behind the dam but then the beaver picked it up and it fell off the dam to get to the other side. The last challenge that happened was when the catfish tried to eat the canoe.The place where we are trying to get to is Hudson Bay.Throughout the journey it traveled 50,000 miles to get to Hudson Bay. This took 7 years just to get to Hudson Bay.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-30
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