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Dream One sunny day in Grand Forks ND, Kaia, a canoe with a bright journey ahead of her, set out to sea in the Red River. Kaia was a brave canoe, and she was named after the place she hoped to reach in her dreams, Hawaii. She really wanted to reach this place because she has heard of how many beautiful landscapes that are located there, especially their coral reefs and beaches.Kaia’s journey started off great! Kaia met a wonderful friend along the first 15 miles of her journey. She named her new friend Beauty because Beauty was a beautiful butterfly. Beauty said that she found Kaia on her way home from Florida, which would make sense because it was her migration season. Beauty wouldn’t leave Kaia’s side.Next stop the Pembina river, which is a tributary of the Red River. Kaia gets flowed into the Pembina river by the current and ends up getting into a pickle. She gets stuck in the Pembina dam. Kaia‘s problem is resolved when she sees a white tailed deer that lives in a forest nearby, running to her. Kaia named the deer Prince because he was very proper. At first Prince didn't know what to do to get Kaia unstuck, but Beauty did. Beauty’s idea was for Prince to carefully move some logs surrounding her and pick her up out of the dam, it had worked! Kaia was very thankful for her animal friends to be there for her, although she knew that she would sadly have to say goodbye to Prince.Kaia has finally, and happily crossed the Canadian border and is already in a new country! Although she is has made it a long way, Kaia has really been slowing down and she is not sure why, not even Beauty knows. All of the sudden Kaia feels something different that she hasn't felt before, she was sitting on sand that means she reached the shore. Beauty and Kaia quickly realized that the water was going very slow and that she was slowing down her pace to reach Hawaii. Kaia and Beauty then see a very handsome fish, and they both could specify it as a Northern Pike fish! They were to scared to ask for help but then, as a miracle to Kaia and Beauty he jumps up into the air, and his tail hits Kaia and gradually moves her off shore. The fish came up to them very worried because he thought that he may have hurt her. Charles was very wrong, I am pretty sure you may be wondering who Charles is, and that is what Kaia and Beauty named the fish. Anyways, Charles out of irony had saved her! Charles then offers Kaia a ride to Lake Winnipeg because he felt bad for hitting her. His idea was to tie a piece of seaweed around kaia and hold it in his mouth, and Beauty would just sit on Kaia like normal. This would really benefit Kaia because it would speed up her pace.When they arrive at Lake Winnipeg, a little girl sees Beauty flying around Kaia and sees the butterfly land on her. She then, picks up Kaia and brings her on her flight home to Hawaii. The little girl, Alani keeps the canoe in her room for two and a half years, then realizes that Kaia needs to go back into the water, so the Alani brings Kaia to the coast one day and lets her go into the Pacific Ocean. And no one has ever seen Kaia since.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-06-02
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