Code 19RD0575
Dream Once upon a time there was a man named Red Eagle White tip, and he loved to do woodwork in his garage. One day he was in his garage working on a table and he just got the urge to make a model canoe. Once he had finished the canoe, he named it Bodaway which means Firemaker. After that he just had the feeling to put it in the water. Once Bodaway had gone about 2 miles through the Red River, he came upon a beaver After the beaver had gotten dangerously close too Bodaway, Bodayway tried to float away, but the beaver was to fast and scooped Badaway up and out of the water. After the beaver had gnawed on Badaway for about 10 minutes, After the beaver lost interest. About an hour of floating down the river, Bodaway had encountered a bull moose, There was a big log that had been on the river that was connecting land and the moose thought that it could cross the log but broke the log and fell on top of Bodaway. After about a minute the moose got out of the water and Bodaway came out and was floating away unharmed. When the sun finally went down and Bodaway was safe he felt a nudge from underwater. After awhile the nudging kept on going and going then Bodaway realizes that it was a turtle nudging him, For a minute the nudging stopped and the turtle tugged Bodaway all the way down to the bottom and started swimming with him. About a year later Bodaway was just floating along a river in Canada. After a minute he heard something really loud and looked to see what it was he quickly realized that it was a huge waterfall that he was about to go off of. When Bodaway fell of he was very lucky to land on some soft moss rather than jagged rocks. After the waterfall it was smooth sailing for Bodaway but about an hour later a couple kids picked up Bodaway and started kicking him around but one of the kids thought that they shouldn't do that to Bodaway so he took him from the kids and put him back in the water. In the end Bodaway had ended up in Africa, also Bodaway had traveled about 10,000 miles in the span of about 8 years.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


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