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Dream It was a beautiful summer day when Rush, the adventure seeking canoe, was finally launched into the waters of the Red River. As the streams took Rush up the Red River, he saw a herd of deer grazing on the horizon. Rush was rushing up the river, when out of nowhere, a snapping turtle guided him into the tributary called Turtle River. The water flow was little to none, so the wind had to carry him along the banks. On his journey through Turtle River he say falcons swooping through the air at speeds over 200 mph, finding their prey wherever they can. At night he would see the glowing eyes of racoons peering at him. He would see many big fish, such as catfish, walleye, pike, and sturgeons on their journey to Lake Winnipeg. He would also see many beautiful trees, such as diamond willow’s, red oak, cherry bark oak and more on this forestry trail. It took Rush a couple of days, but he finally made it to Turtle River State Park. While traveling west, through the state park, he got stuck in a low bed of mud. His bad luck had begun. He was stuck there for many long days and nights, watching the animals run by. He would see deer speeding past him, scared of the noise they heard in the night. He would hear owls hooting and see chipmunks scurrying up trees. One day, while Rush was watching the clouds float by, he noticed a curious baby finch, standing tall, ready to take it’s first flight out of the nest. The finch took a mighty leap and glided for a few seconds, until a strong North Dakota wind gust knocked him off balance. The baby bird was falling through the air, until it landed in the bed of Rush’s canoe, safe from the rushing water. The baby finch had laid there with Rush for a while, with its broken wing, until finally an inquisitive racoon set them free into the night. Rush carried the baby finch through the waters of Turtle River, until he floated near a young fisherman along banks. Upon hearing the finch cry for help, the fisherman took to action and picked them out of the water. He took them to his home in Grand Forks and nursed the finch back to health. Once he set the finch free, he returned Rush to the young boy who had launched the canoe originally, many days ago. Rush was ready for his next adventure.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


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