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Dream One day my canoe named Chicken Buffet went swimming on the Red River on its way to Lake Winnipeg. When my canoe is swimming in the Red River, a bird picks up the canoe and puts it in its nest to try and keep its babies warm. Then my canoe sees a curious big moose that is unsure what the canoe is, then the moose drags up the canoe from his mouth and then the moose spits it right out because it doesn’t like it. Another animal that the canoe sees is a black-spotted bear, that finds my canoe and takes it to its cubs so they could play with it. The birds lives in a tree with a nest that has a bed next to a bunch of sunflowers. The moose lives in a rainforest to go away from the humans and then cleans itself in the lake . A black- spotted bears lives next to a tree that has berries and fruits to eat. They all helped my canoe because the birds bring the canoe to a safe place, the moose puts the canoe back the water, and the black- spotted bear makes sure the canoe is not broken. There is a lot of water and my canoe tries to not get broken by any rocks, gladly it gets to Lake Winnipeg which takes 20 years. People were fishing and they saw my canoe,but they didn’t see the website on the canoe so they put it back in the water.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


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