Code 19RD0564
Dream My canoe journey starts in Grand Forks, North Dakota. His name is Maximale Zerstorung. He starts his journey in the Spring of 2019. The river is flooded, so Maximale gets stuck on the shore 34 miles past Grand. Forks, Maximale will sit there for a month before a huge thunderstorm comes through and washes him back to the water and his back on his way. After 3 days of travel, Maximale finally crosses the US-Canada border, 2 days later Maximale reaches Winnipeg. 3 miles past Winnipeg Maximale gets stuck again but a day later a beaver picks him up to help build a dam. He will sit there for 15 days and gets free when a fat deer walks on the dam and breaks it. Finally, Maximale Zerstorung reaches his destination of Hudson Bay, Canada after a year and 3 months and 941 miles.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


Photo - 19RD0564