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Dream Craft the canoe was starting in Grand Forks, North Dakota and his goal was to get to Greenland by going through Lake Winnipeg and then to Hudson Bay. One bright, quiet morning by a stream in the very northern part of North Dakota, a bear was catching his breakfast of trout when he happened upon a small canoe stuck behind a log. The bear looked at it, sniffed it, and pawed at it. Because of this motion, Craft was set free again. After about 6 months had passed, Craft was on his way along Lake Winnipeg when he started approaching a beaver’s dam. As he got closer, he could see more detail and wanted to explore further. He was steadily getting closer, and he saw that the current pushing him toward it was too strong for him to turn around and the dam extended too far for him to make the turn around it. He saw it too late. He was swept right into the dam by the edge of the lake. A few days went passed where the nose of the canoe was stuck wedged into the dam. More and more days passed that Craft was stuck, then, all of a sudden, a moose came into view from the line of trees above. He eyed Craft but did not move. He slowly took a step forward than another and another. The moose was going to save Craft! He started down the dirt edge of the lake that slanted down right toward the place where Craft sat stuck. The moose slowly bent down and lifted him out of the water with his mouth. Seeming to know Craft’s situation, he walked back on the edge of the lake, then down to the other side of the dam, dropping Craft off there. As the small boat was leaving, the helpful moose shook his antlers in the air as if to say goodbye. About a year after the incident with the beaver dam, Craft ran into a new problem. He was on his way to the hudson bay, when an odd current took him to a snowy bank. He was in the middle of Canada at this time. Just like the last time he was stuck, he was wedged nose end in the snow. Day after day and week after week passed, then finally a little arctic fox came to the stream with his little friend and they started wrestling. Craft could see them but they didn’t pay any attention to him. After a few minutes of watching them play, they started moving in his direction. As they came closer, the snow started shifting downward to the water where Craft was. This pushed Craft outward into the middle of the half frozen river and he was on his way again. Craft never made it to Greenland, but he made it to Hudson Bay. He got stuck there and was never found again, but he did make it a very long way from his starting point.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


Photo - 19RD0562