Code 19RD0561
Dream My name is Davida, I am the canoe that went from Grand Forks, North Dakota to the Hudson Bay and this is my story. I was made by a nice girl named Bella, she had recently learned how to carve wood. One night when she was laying on the cool night grass staring at the night sky she came up with an idea to make a canoe. she wanted the canoe to go all the way to the Hudson Bay. So she took a piece of wood and started to carve it so that it looked like a canoe.After she was done carving the canoe she painted it like a starry night. She gave the canoe a name, she called it Davida. She wrote a message on the bottom of me that said “My name is Davida, I was made in Grand Forks, North Dakota and I want to go to The Hudson Bay”. After that she let me go into the Red river it was early spring then. The river was flooded and the river was so high I almost touched the top of a bridge!For a while everything was fine until one day it was stormy and I got pushed onto the bank of the river. I sat there from mid spring mid summer until one day a goose flew into the river. It stayed for a while and then when it was ready to leave it flapped its wings and flew out of the river. The force from the gooses flapping wings sent a rippled through the water which hit me and set me free. In the fall a beaver picked me up and brought me to its dam.It put me in the dam and I spent two years in the dam until the river flooded and set me free. When I was set free it was fall. I traveled for a couple weeks until a storm pushed me onto the bank of the river. I was on the bank for fall and winter. Near the end of winter there was a dog playing in the snow and it found me so it took me to its owner. Its owner saw the note on the bottom of me and took me the rest of the way to the Hudson Bay.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


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