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Dream My Canoe Etchemin meaning canoe man started his journey in the Red River by Grand Forks, ND. Etchemin couldn’t wait to be set in the water and start his journey to bigger waters. When Echemin was set in the water he couldn’t have been happier, He loved the cool breeze and all the trees and flowers around the banks of the river, he loved the birds chirping and the bright sun shining on him, he loved all of it. Etchemin traveled about 75 miles and was just loving every second of it. When all of the sudden he hits a few branches of a bush that was right on the water’s edge. 2 birds started landed on him and started eating berries that were in his canoe from the bush he bumped into he liked watching the birds eat the berries and when their were done they took the leftovers with them to their nest where they would feed their babies. About 84 miles further the water started to get real bumpy and Etchemin realized that there was big rocks below him. He came to hard stop, he was wondering what had happened. He then found out that he was lodged between 2 rocks that were sticking out of the water. He was very sad and thought he wouldn’t make it to bigger water when all the sudden something knocked him forward. He realized that a catfish a grabbed him and was pulling around the rocky bottom, He tried to wiggle free realising that he could be eaten by this fish if he didn’t get loose. The fish tried to take him underwater but the fish hit a rock letting the canoe free. After that it was smooth sailing and Etchemin could enjoy his journey to bigger water. About 300 miles from the red river he got stuck in some more branches by the waters edge. He was stuck their for about 30 minutes when he spotted a snake, He has a bad fear of snakes and wish this one would go away. This snake was not going away but doing the opposite it was coming straight for him. Once the snake got the him she waited and tried to find a way to him once she did she attack missing him but knocking him loose. Now the snake was stuck in the branches and Etchemin was on his way to bigger water. In about 1 hour Etchemin knew he was getting closer when all of the sudden a little girl picked him up and brought him to her mom waiting in the car. Once she got back to her house she got ready for her fishing trip she was going on with her dad the next morning. She brought Etchemin with and dropped him in the water. Etchemin did not know were he was until he saw a sign that said “ Lake Superior” Etchemin had reach bigger water.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


Photo - 19RD0558