Code 19RD0556
Dream The name of my canoe is going to be Superviviente, This is survivor in spanish. My canoe will begin its journey in the red river of Grand Forks ND. On my canoes journey it will encounter 3 animals. A Catfish,Beaver, and Geese. Hi my name is Superviviente, which is spanish for survivor. Right now I am floating down the Red river of Grand Forks ND. I love to float it is calming and fun, But the only bad thing is there is a lot of animals around that don’t like me and think I am dangerous. Right now it has been 20 min since my owner has released me. It is kind of stormy right now so all of the little fish are swimming under me. The little fish don’t bother me but, oh no there is a catfish under me, it hit me with its tail and now I am going really fast. IM SUPER SCARED… Finally I slowed down. Everything is better now. It has been about 2 days since my owner released me. I have seen many animals but not like what is in front of me right now. It is a beaver. It looks like it is building a dam. Oh no I am going right towards it. Darn i’m stuck and the beaver is coming to me. It pushed me to the bottom and now i am floating again. Good I am safe now. It has been about 1 week since my owner released me. Already I have another problem there are 3 geese in front of me. There right in front of me. There trying to eat me… Well I must not taste good because they are going away. Look here I am all the way in Hudson Bay. Do you know what that means? That means I traveled 437.0 miles from home and it has only taken me 1 week 7 hours and 23 minutes. I have reached my destination. I guess my time with you is over but I hope you like the time that we had together and I am very happy I got to be with you on this long trip.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


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