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Dream The journey begins for the Ridley ( a small wooden canoe ) in the Red River in Grand Forks. As I went into the water I could see my friends floating with me, I saw some get stuck and some go far ahead of me but I was in the middle exactly where I wanted to be. My friend bloom was right beside me as we both floated north towards Canada. The first few miles were really easy and before I knew it I was in Winnipeg. There were children playing, cars racing on bridges and people fishing. One child down by the river spotted Bloom and I she picked me up but before she could reach Bloom the current swept her away. Now I was alone. She carried me back to her home a block or to away and showed me to her parents, they told her to put me back in the water, but she wouldn’t listen instead she put me on her shelf to look at. I sat like that for days until one day one of the girls friends came over, she read the top of me and told the girl to put me back in the water, she still wouldn’t listen. But the her friend was determined to put me back in the water so before she left she put me in her bag and we left. Later that day she set me back in the water. I looked around for all of my friends but they were all gone they were all ahead of me and again I was alone. Through lake winnipeg and through the Nelson river I went but I was still alone. By the time I got to Hudson bay it had been 2 years since I had seen the girl and her friend, and of course Bloom. Where Nelson River flows into Hudson bay a polar bear swam up next to me and almost lifted me onto shore but didn’t I just kept floating. Hudson Bay was easier to float on then the Red River and Nelson River because there were no branches to get stuck on no rapids and certainly no scary deer that watch you like you are crazy. But what I missed most of all was people, occasionally there were a few people fishing or a few boats that passed but I was more lonely than ever. Then one day a ship found me, there was a women on the ship who picked me up she read my story and learned where I wanted to go so she let me ride on her ship so I could get their faster. Nine months later I found myself staring at the Statue of Liberty in New York. She let me off of the ship and marked where I was online, I was sailing free again. The currents of the ocean pulled me south towards my destination, but my journey wasn’t over yet. A friendly turtle thought I was a toy and pulled me to shore the waves kept pulling me back out but then pushing me back in, it was weeks before I finally got out of it, some pheasants landed in the water and pushed me out further and I was sailing again. The journey wasn’t easy but I stayed close to the shore until there was no more shore at the tip of Florida, so far my journey had taken me 9 years. Then something great happened I spotted a boat similar to my size in the water, as I grew closer I realized I had seen It before. It was Bloom! I was no longer alone, I had my friend back. We floated for a long time then we saw turquoise blue water and some small islands we thought we had made it to Jamaica but it was only the Bahamas. We floated along the edge of the coral reef. The waves broke because deep water turned into shallow water. One day a strong storm turned the turquoise water dark and the waves even bigger. Strong gusts of wind pulled us away from the Bahamas and out to sea again. But the worst part of it all was I lost Bloom again. I was once again alone, for at least a year I floated that way, I had lost all hope of reaching my destination. Until one day I saw palm trees and white sand. Beach floaties and pools. I knew I had made it to Jamaica now because I recognized the place from pictures. As I washed up to shore I was so happy I had waited 13 years to get here and I finally did it. I washed up on shore with some tiny wood pieces and sat there. When summer turned into winter another storm came it washed big wood pieces up on shore and a big log and in that log slid out Bloom! We were together again, and in Jamaica. There was no place I would rather be. And from then on Bloom and I were happy because we were together in Paradise.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


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