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Dream Once, a little canoe named Perdita was left in a river bank, in the Red River. She was upset. My person wouldn’t leave me, she thought. Unfortunately, Perdita was on her own, and moving fast. She had never been out on her own so she was lost. Perdita had been lost before, that’s how she got her name, after all. She was just never lost like this. Alone and knowing no one was coming for her. As she went up the Red River, she passed a doe with her fawn. They stand frozen until they hear the predator approaching. The doe and her fawn dart out of the clearing and deep into the woods. Perdita escaped as quickly as she could. She kept going until she went by a fisherman. Not paying attention, the fisherman caught his hook on her. As he reeled her in, she got scratched by a log. The fisherman picked Perdita up and decided to take her back to his small son, Timothy. Timothy loved the boat and played with her everyday. One day, Timothy went down to the river to play with her. Timothy dropped Perdita and she fell into the river. On the way to Lake Winnipeg, she saw a river otter. The otter scurried past her as she went. As she moved on she passed a bear and her cub. Perdita rushed by, anxious to get away. She was caught on a weed. A large fish passed her and thought the weed was food. The fish then dragged her all the way to Hudson Bay, where a boy stood with his father, fishing. The boy pointed out and shouted, “Look, Dad! It’s my boat,” The father reeled in Perdita for the last time and gave her back to the boy. “You’re safe now,” He murmured softly. Perdita, travelling 821.83 miles, finally found a home.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


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