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Dream On a nice summer day my canoe,Olive, will start her journey up to Lake Winnipeg. Her trip is filled with problems and challenges that she has to overcome to continue her journey. As Olive was beginning her trip floating down the river, she spotted a doe and her fawn. They were enjoying the warmth of the sun and then there was a family of rabbits on the other side of the bank and it almost seemed like a “good luck” symbol because rabbits are known to be lucky. Not long after she saw the animals, she began to head into the bank of the river where the rocks were covered in mud. Olive went closer and closer to the edge, then she got stuck in the mud. Olive stayed there for 3 days, sitting in the mud between the rock and no one saw her. Then she heard movement behind her and out popped a doe. It was the same doe she saw earlier! She was hoping the doe would help her escape from the mud. Slowly, the doe stepped down into the rocks and pushed Olive out of the mud and rocks and sent her on her way. After floating up the river for some time now,it had been a 5 months, Olive began to start to turn into another river that was a dead end. She had been traveling on one path this whole time but now she was heading into a new path that led nowhere. Olive was about to be completely on the new river but than suddenly a large short-eared owl swooped down and splashed Olive in the other direction, throwing her back into the Red River and back on track to Lake Winnipeg. She was almost halfway there. Seven months later, she had finally made it to Lake Winnipeg where she was found by a little girl staying in a cabin with her family for the winter. The little girl had become friends with Olive and is her new favorite toy.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


Photo - 19RD0552