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Dream My canoe’s name is Yuki. Yuki started her journey in Grand Forks, North Dakota and traveled down the Red River. I placed her in the water and she started her journey down the powerful currents of the river. Throughout the first few weeks, Yuki discovered many things in nature. She viewed beautiful landscapes, rolling hills, huge trees, and various animals, and plants. A few months in, an eagle grabbed her out of the water, and brought her to its nest. Once the eagle and its babies realized it wasn’t food, the eagle dropped it back into the river. This incident brought Yuki a few miles down the river, making her journey shorter. For the next few weeks she avoided as many animals as possible. She was admiring the forestry and streams when she came across the rapids. Yuki was almost in the powerful waters when a bear mistakenly grabbed her, thinking she was a fish. The bear went back on land and ran back along the river, getting Yuki further and further from her destination. Then, the bear came across a wolf. The bear dropped Yuki as the wolf attacked it. Yuki rolled down the river bank and back into the water. She went down the river and proceeded on her journey. Two years had gone by since Yuki left the town of Grand Forks. Finally, she could see Lake Winnipeg. It was a couple miles away, but she would make it in thirteen days. It was getting colder and colder as winter was coming near. For the first time, Yuki saw snow. The colder it got the slower the water became. She got stuck on a tree branch, which was frozen to the side of the river. The snow continued to fall and it was getting harder and harder for Yuki to see. Once she was buried, she had to wait months for spring to come and melt her away. When spring came, Yuki was only a few days away from Lake Winnipeg. The flowers started to bloom, and the trees were growing their beautiful leaves again. Yuki made it to Lake Winnipeg and was happy she made her journey. It took three and a half years and 373 miles of hard work to get to her final destination. After all, Yuki was named after courage and bravery.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


Photo - 19RD0551