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Dream I was just sitting along the banks of the Hudson Bay when I saw a bright little canoe floating in the water, just barely able to keep afloat. This is the story of how that canoe named Adira meaning strength, power, and nobility came to be there. It was a bright sunny day when Adira was dropped into the water. The little canoe started to float down stream when all of a sudden there stood a little beaver on the side of the river. The beaver was curious about the bright white canoe and thought that it was a birch stick. It grabbed the canoe from out of the water and swam all the way back to it’s dam. When the little beaver got there it handed the canoe to another beaver, a bigger one. The bigger beaver took the canoe slapped some mud on it with it’s tail and stuck it to the inside of the dam. Adira knew that she was going to be stuck there for a long time if she didn’t do anything. As soon as both of the beavers left to go find more sticks she let the current drag her away. The beavers swam a very long way all while she was in their current. Once they finally dove down to get a stick that they saw at the bottom of the river she was out of the current and on her own. Later, she came across something that she had never seen before, a moose. The moose had brown fur, but it’s eyes were bright like the moon. The moose thought about how hungry it was and how good that brown water lily looked. It snachted the little canoe up and walked with it for while before getting to it’s home. There, the moose set Adira down once it got there and it soon realized that Adira wasn’t a water lily. The moose still thought about eating the little canoe, but didn’t. Once Adira realized that she wasn’t going to be eaten she started to calm down. The moose left Adira to go find more food and Adira found herself becoming lonely. The seasons changed into fall and then winter but the moose never came back. Adira almost lost hope as she was buried under feet upon feet of snow, but she felt something wet against her. It was the snow beginning to melt. As the snow continued to melt Adira was swept back out into the river and her journey continued. Her journey was peaceful for quite a while until she came upon a big body of water. This body of water was Lake Winnipeg. There were not a lot of people around that Adira could see, but the surroundings of the lake were very beautiful. Even though Adira wanted her time on the lake to last for a much longer time, it eventually had to come to an end. After the lake the little canoe was transferred into The Nelson River. The beginning of the Nelson River was very pretty almost like Lake Winnipeg, but soon something changed. Another big body of water was there, but this time Adira ran into bottles, cans, plastic, and all types of garbage. In this enormous pile of garbage Adira saw a little fish struggling to get free. Adira hoped that she would be able to swim over to the little fish, but there was no way that she could. She kept trying, but the more she did the more tired she got. Eventually she realized that she wasn’t going to be able to help the fish and stopped trying. Adria was swept out into the biggest body of water that she had seen yet, she couldn’t even see the shore. She floats along the water peacefully never making contact with the shore again to only be seen by fisherman and fish, ever moving with the current.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


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