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Dream Once there was a canoe and her name was Demeter, and that means lover of the earth. She was soon to be launched out of the Red River, and she couldn’t wait! Finally, the day came and she was on her way to an adventure. Demeter floated alongside with all of her other canoe friends until they all went their different ways to go on their own adventures. She was left alone with the water and the forest. It had been at least an hour of drifting before Demeter became bored with her adventure. Just then, she heard a noise. Oh no! There was a waterfall coming up! There was nothing Demeter could do to save herself. It was getting closer…and...closer! Until, SPLASH! Every sound was muffled as she twisted and turned underneath the surface of the water. Luckily, she felt something grab her, what was it? Demeter was slowly pulled up from the water. Maybe there was hope she would see the sky again. As soon as she was fully submerged in the air, she saw what had helped her, it was a loon. After the loon saved Demeter, she felt herself drifting off and floating downstream. It was an hour since her big fiasco, and Demeter floated into a little pond sized, calm part of the river. There she could take a break and look at all of the nature around her. Just then, she heard a noise. A moose was coming towards her, and he was big! She instantly became frightened, but the moose meant no harm. He just wanted a drink of water. When the moose bent down to drink, the water started to push Demeter and some weeds into the moose’s antlers. No, she thought, I will never accomplish my goal floating all the way to the ocean! I will be stuck here forever! But once again, Demeter can’t do anything about this situation. The moose heard a twig snap, and took off along with Demeter and some weeds threaded into his antlers. WHOOSH! As the moose was walking, Demeter became less sad, and she decided this moose might bring her on a wilder adventure than she was planning. Demeter sat back and watched all of the blessings of nature and its animals. But, as she was looking around, Demeter noticed something. There was smoke beginning to form in the sky. The moose had sensed it too, because he started running faster than he’s ever did before. There was a forest fire, and it was growing rapidly towards them. Demeter was rocking in between the antlers of the moose as he ran. They were able to escape it, but before they knew it, they traveled all the way across the US into Texas! Demeter and the moose were exhausted, so the moose stopped to get a drink of river in a rushing stream. There, Demeter fell out of his antlers and back into the water. She was free! But, now where will she go? It’ll all work out in the end, Demeter thought to herself. She eventually floated out into the biggest lake she ever saw. Little did she know, it was the ocean. She was tossed and thrown in between the waves, but she didn’t mind because there were millions of new animals she saw. One fine afternoon, Demeter was in the middle of the ocean, and it was as still as glass, the sun was shining. Demeter heard a little squeak behind her, and it was a cute little dolphin. But it was alone. Demeter wondered where its pod was, but then she realized it might be lost. They drifted along in the ocean currents until they came across a beach. There, the little dolphins pod was waiting. She wasn’t lost, she was guiding Demeter to land. Demeter floated into the hands of a little girl, and she brang Demeter to her mother where they read the numbers on the side. Then, Demeter heard where she was and how many miles she had traveled. But, there was still more adventure in Demeter’s future.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


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