Code 19RD0548
Dream There once was a canoe named Scout. He started his long journey on the Red River, by a town called Grand Forks. He encountered many animals on his way north, but there were four that he will never forget. The eagle, the catfish, the moose, and the polar bear. He first meet the eagle. He had crossed into Canada, when he saw a shadow darting across the water. The eagle swooped down, and took Scout into his talons. He flew many miles, until a hefty wind blew him out of the eagle’s grasp. Down, down, down he fell, until he splashed into Lake Winnipeg. The shores were rocky, and the pines rose up towards the sky. Now we see the catfish. Startled by the sudden movement, he and the others in his school fled, causing massive waves that almost overtook Scout. The next day, there was a tremendous storm, that thrusted Scout into a shallow pool. There he sat for three days, until the moose came there to drink. He waded into the water, and started to battle another nearby moose. The comotion finally pushed Scout out of the pool. He made it to the end of the lake, when he came across a hydropower dam. He was about to get turned into powder, when one of the workers spotted him. He took him in for the winter, and released him into the Nelson River. From there, trees became more spread out, and the temperature dropped. Wide areas of shrubs and grasses now greeted him. This is where he finally met the polar bear. She and her cubs were coming back from a long winter out on the ice. As they were walking past Scout, one of the playful cubs tooked Scout, and played with him. Scout of course, didn’t enjoy this. The mother urged her cub to keep moving, and so Scout was finally let free. He was at the mouth of the Nelson, and reached Hudson bay. The water seemingly stretched on forever, in all directions. Now Scout made the final leg of his journey. He crossed the Hudson, and was again picked up by a deep sea fisherman. He carried Scout to the Gulf of Mexico. Scout had lost most his orange and yellow paint, had deep gouges, and was battered past recognition. He traveled over three thousand miles from Grand Forks to the Gulf of Mexico. It took him about 15 years to fully complete his long journey. He now finally rests in the hands of a poor boy in a small coastal village. He now sits on a shelf, waiting for his next adventure.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


Photo - 19RD0548