Code 19RD0547
Dream My little boat named Cliff started his adventure in the Red River right outside of Grand Forks. His adventure began when he was first set in the water. The beginning of his trip was extremely plain and just lots of floating slowly with no action or any really exciting adventures. After about two weeks of just floating slowly down the river, Cliff’s first obstacle began. He had drifted down a tributary for the Red River and got stuck in a beaver dam right at the start of the new river. Cliff didn’t know how long he would sit here wasting his adventure away, but as he started to give up hope a huge storm came and as the water rose he slowly slipped away from the beaver dam and was pushed ashore by a family of scared geese. They were trying to get away from the storm and the little boat was in luck, the family of geese had actually saved his life. The storm caused lots of branches and debris to float down the river and if Cliff hadn’t gotten out he would have been torn apart. Weeks passed and one day a bunch of dogs came running with their owner stepping all over Cliff, just about destroying him. The owner realized this just in time and retrieved him from the dogs and threw him back in the water. After all that, the little boat did nothing but float for weeks until he came to Lake Winnipeg. The little boat named Cliff is still there and until some part of nature releases him from his resting spot he will remain there after his long, tiring trip.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-08-21
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Photo - 19RD0547