Code 19RD0545
Dream I was put in the water and then i was floating down the red river looking at the water and all the fishes swing right past me and how they were all different colors and sizes. My name is maximus my name stands for greatest and strongest I hope on my journey to the hudson bay I want to see some wolves, deer, foxs, elks, ducks and maybe even bears but I hope they don't try and eat me or hurt me. My canoe is flowing north so I hope I go right through Hudson Bay.I see some wolves and deer drinking water right by me but. I flow right pass them 2 weeks had passed since the last time i seen those deer and wolves it starting to get colder outside it turning winter I yield in my mind. The day after that it started to snow I already see ice on the side of the river banks. Couple of weeks had past and i was hoping i was getting closer to hudson bay and it has gotten so much colder and their has been so much ice on the sides now and some icebergs. One day has passed and I somehow slipped over from a iceberg I hit. I hit something hard this time it started to bit me and I looked up I saw it was a polar bears the polar bear thinks that Im food for about 2 hours he was throwing me around for he dropped me and I noticed that I was in Hudson bay i say so much polar bears around me on Icebergs. I was so happy I made it to Hudson Bay im so proud of myself for making my dreams happen.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


Photo - 19RD0545