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Dream The name of my canoe is Pathfinder. Our story begins where the Bois de Sioux River and Otter Tail River converge to form the source of the Red River. Pathfinder is dropped here and starts his journey downstream with hopes of making it to the Hudson Bay. Everything is looking good but uneventful for the first few miles of Pathfinder’s trip until a storm forms out of nowhere causing a falling tree to slam Pathfinder into the nearby riverbank. He remains lodged in the riverbank for days until a moose finds him, picks him up, and starts to walk him downstream in hopes of showing the rest of his group what he has found. As the moose gets closer to his destination he notices a better stick and drops Pathfinder back into the river to continue both of their journeys. Now Pathfinder is back on his way with only smooth sailing in the foreseeable future. Pathfinder is just now beginning to cross the border into Canada when a squirrel sees him floating downstream and decides to try to hop in to join. Initially it seems as though the squirrel’s weight could not be supported on Pathfinder but the squirrel manages to find a balance and stay afloat. Now with some company, Pathfinder sees no possible way for his journey to end early for any reason. As time passes Pathfinder is just about to reach Lake Winnipeg when he is grabbed out of the water by a beaver who is trying to reconstruct its dam. The squirrel, not wanting to put himself in danger, decides to abandon ship and surrender Pathfinder over to the beaver. Now with this new obstacle putting an end to Pathfinder’s journey he feels content knowing that he will still be able to see amazing wildlife and have a purpose, even if he wasn’t going to reach the Hudson Bay.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


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