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Dream There I was, ready to launch my boat down the Red River. I sat down upon the bank thinking about where it would go and everything it would see. “Do you think Liberty will even make it to Hudson Bay?” I thought to myself as I got up and put Liberty in the ice cold water. It was only the first of May and yet there was still snow on the banks of the river. I watched Liberty flow away from me, unable to help it’s course. As it escaped my view, I walked back to the buses and we went back to school. The waters were swift and rough as Liberty traveled up the Red River towards Lake Winnipeg. As Liberty made its way into the country side the water slowed down allowing for some sightseeing. Liberty passed by a deer eating grass the deer looked up at Liberty and followed for a little while but after awhile, Liberty picked up speed and the deer faded from view. Liberty explored the vast countryside and it passed by many different plants and animals. Liberty passed by a farm where it saw pigs and buffalo. A farmer came down to the bank of the river and plucked Liberty out of the water. The farmer brought it inside of his home and showed it to his children “Can we keep it dad?” the children would ask innocently. “Sadly, I don’t think so someone wanted this boat in that water and I don’t think it is for us to decide what happens to it.”The kids looked in awe as they inspected all the artwork on the magnificent boat.“That’s too bad dad.” The children would reply It “Can we take it back to the river and put it back in the water?” “Sure, I guess that would be fine just be back before dark.”It was now was the middle of summer and everything was going well for Liberty until, it was caught in a beavers dam. All sorts of fish came up to the dam and were swept out the water by fishermen. Liberty stayed there in that dam for another two months surrounded by fish until one day, a bear that was looking for fish to eat, fell in the water and shook the dam releasing Liberty from the dam’s grasp. For the coming months everything was fine, Liberty flowed into Lake Winnipeg and made some progress on it’s way to Hudson Bay. Eventually as Liberty made its way into October the water got icy. Liberty got stuck in ice and was stuck in the ice for 3 months. It was now late January when Liberty became unstuck and began flowing towards Hudson Bay. Eventually once, Hudson Bay came into view the water slowed down, at least it seemed that way until Liberty was picked out of the water by what seemed to be a net. The net was attached to a metal pole held by a fisherman. As the net was emptied by the fisherman Liberty fell out making a loud noise on the large metal boat the fishermen sat upon. Liberty was thrown into the water by one of the men and began flowing once more towards Hudson Bay.Liberty had finally flown into Hudson Bay. It’s ice cold waters surrounded the boat as snow fell onto Liberty. Liberty quietly drifted onto the shore of a small island near the middle of the bay. The shore was giant with pebbles and snow covering most of it. As Liberty sat there among the shore it watched as the sun rose over the horizon and as snow started to cover it Liberty rested. Liberty had traveled 136 miles over the span of 9 months waiting for a chance to rest and here it’s chance was, right upon the shore.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


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