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Dream It all started in May of 2019, on the banks of the Red River near Grand Forks, North Dakota. Shortly after the Class of 2024 at Schroeder Middle (7th graders) had made their canoes. I had decided to name my canoe Joy for her vibrant colors and the story she tells. Joy’s story starts in the Red River in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Once Joy gets to be on her second after her launch into the river, the current catches her off guard and flips her over. Luckily a school of Northern Pike is swimming past and flip her back over, but not before she passes their natural habitat of the cold fast moving Red River of the North. After a year on the river Joy finds herself on the US and Canadian Border, where she meets a family of foxes. At first Joy is scared of them and worried what will happen to her. The mother fox takes joy out of water by her mouth, and drops her on the ground. A little while later her pups come along, and start gnawing on her as if she was chewing stick or a fresh piece of meat. A couple hours later after they had eaten real food they had taken her back to their den to where moonlight didn’t even shine. Joy was nervous because of how she knew that she had to get to Winnipeg for me, and maybe even Hudson Bay. When sun starts to rise on the cold stone of the den, Joy is ready to leave. Although that doesn’t happen, Joy stays in the den for two more years, watching the pups turn into grown foxes and leave the den themselves. Eventually the mother fox leaves the den and Joy is all alone. She stays in this den until spring comes and melts away all the snow and she starts to hear the rushing water of river and that gets her all excited. While joy watches the trees sway in the wind, the view is quickly blocked by this huge figure, and it takes her a couple of seconds to figure out what could possibly be so big that it is blocking her whole view throughout the entrance of the den. It was a MOOSE! Joy figured this because of the huge antlers of the shadow. The moose reaches into the den with his top right hoof to see if there was anyone food, instead sweeping up food he kicks Joy out of the den and into the bright sunshine that early spring had to give. The most carefully examined Joy for a while rolling her back and forth, eventually picking her up by his mouth and returning her to the river for her to continue her journey up north. As joy makes her way for Winnipeg she thinks back on the warm spring morning when that moose had found her and what would've happened if he hadn’t found her. She wonders what he is doing in the forest and if he has other animals in his life or if he was all alone like Joy on the river. Eventually Joy had found herself in Winnipeg Manitoba and overall Joy had traveled 144.8 miles in five years and she was the happiest canoe of all. She realized she wasn’t alone anymore, she had her story to tell all the animals and other canoes that may be in winnipeg, but most importantly she was so excited to tell you guys her story and was more than delighted that she got to.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


Photo - 19RD0537