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Dream My name is Kwan and this is my journey. It all started downtown in Grand Forks, North Dakota. My owner who created me, accidentally dropped me into the Red River while walking over a bridge. I was startled when I hit the water and the current pulled me north, but it soon became comfort as I would be spending lots of time in the river. After long days of the steady current, I spotted a deer alongside the river. He appeared to be thirsty and just when he was going for a big gulp of water, the current swept me toward him, and he grabbed me by his mouth. The deer didn’t seem to mind and brought me back to his home which was just a pile of leaves under a tree right next to the river. There I found a baby deer who cuddled with me through the night. Unfortunately, a huge thunderstorm hit. The rain carried me back to the river and my journey had resumed. After several more weeks, I finally had some action. A catfish came and tipped my canoe over. For a brief minute I was then taken by the fish underwater and then dropped when some prey had come. I hurried back up to the surface. From then on I hated it when I was underwater. It made me uncomfortable.It had been almost a year since I had first started my journey when a lumberjack had come along. It was unexpected but I was thankful for the warmth provided by tiny cottage. The river was freezing up and I hadn’t been moving very fast. The lumberjack promised that he wouldn’t let me back into the river until the river unfroze, so everyday I sat and watched him come in and out of the cold until it was my turn to see the real world again. Spring was here and the river had unfroze. As the lumberjack set me in the water and watched me get swept away by the current he yelled, “So long my friend! Hope you travel far.”The lumberjack was just out of sight, when a beaver came along. She looked me over thoughtfully and then decided that taking me underwater would be a good idea. It wasn’t, but I was pleasantly surprised by the place I was taken. There I was surrounded by logs, branches, twigs, and some baby beavers. Her family greeted me by playing with me. It was the most fun I had had in a long time. I stayed with the beaver for quite some time, when I realized the leaves were changing and the beavers were moving homes. One of the baby beavers took me while we were leaving, but right as he saw a new twig, he dropped me into the bark place of the river. Fortunately I popped right back up, but I was lonely once again. I floated down the river for many weeks. I saw all different types of animals, towns, and even some people that were always surprised by my appearance. In all that, I also saw and felt the season change and it was that time again when the river froze and I was stuck in the middle of all of it. Months passed when it finally unfroze and I could start moving again. I was relieved when I saw a huge lake of water. In fact it wasn’t a lake, it was a bay. When I finally made it into this enormous body of water, I was so excited. I knew, right at that time, that I had made it to where I wanted to be. Sure it took me 2 ½ years, but I was happy to finally reach my destination. Just as my journey ended, I knew a new one was just beginning.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


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