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Dream It’s 1:00 pm we’re about to launch our canoes, I will name mine The African fighters. My canoe starts it journey in the Red River. Day 1 after the launch my canoe drifts slowly down the Red River. My canoe seemed to be going good until day 2 when it was picked up by a few hikers down by the river. After reading what it said, they went online, took a picture then gently put it back into the water. After some time, it hit day 3 of its journey, it was also predicted that there would be a thunderstorm, strong currents and fierce lightning. The lightning struck down and hit a tree. The tree had fell down into the water a couple feet ahead of my canoe. The strong currents blew the African fighters in the tree and it got stuck. Day 4 After hours of the storm there came a big blast of wind, so strong it blew the canoe out of the tree. The storm was finally coming to an end, the canoe was back to drifting in the water. Day 5 is when the deer started walking very close to river. The turtle was a mile ahead and the moose was soon to come. Days 6,7 were normal. Out of nowhere a big moose 2x my size stumbled on a rock and fell in the water. The waves of water spun the canone out of control, then lied the turtle a couple feet ahead. The only thing that could stop the turtle from spinning so fast is if the canoe and the turtle made contact. Then finally the canoe hit the turtle very hard causing the canoe to speed. The canoe had its paint chipped. Then came a thirsty deer drinking by the water. The canoe drifted by the side of the river where the deer came to drink, the canoe was drifting towards the deer because of the suction. When the canoe hit the deer the deer had a big reaction and ended up breaking off the front of the canoe. That accident led to the canoe flowing into Lake Winnipeg upside down.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


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