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Dream Stargazer went down the river, suddenly getting pushed by some water, running off to the side. Nearby was a deer, eating some berries, which she happened to see Stargazer on the ground. The deer trotted near Stargazer, sniffing her before lightly pushing her back into the water. The night passed by faster then usual, leaving Stargazer to only have the gleam of the moon as a source of light to lead the way. The cry of a wolf echoed through the air, Stargazer’s attention focusing on the wolf perched on a rock. Stargazer turned their attention back to the river head, seeing that a rocky part of the river was ahead. The wolf ran to a rocky in the river and picked up Stargazer, carrying her to a calmer part of the river, letting her carry on their adventure by setting them back in the water. As the morning reached over the sky, Stargazer calmly grazed over the Red River. While they were taking in the sweet air, the current lightly pushing them into some bush of some sort. A man who was standing in the river going fishing heard some noises, thinking it was something stuck in the bush. He walked over, digging his hand in and taking a hold of a wooden structure. He pulled it out, laughing once he saw the canoe. The man read the writing and he let Stargazer down the river, yelling, “You have a safe trip now!”Stargazer saw the storm clouds up ahead, knowing that this meant rainfall. The current up ahead had shoved Stargazer against some land, again, but this time going farther. No deer nor human was nearby to shove Stargazer back in, so she sat. It has been nearly weeks, Stargazer still perched up on land. She hasn't moved much, but the water was raising. Ever since that one day Stargazer got here, it’s been raining a lot, causing some of her paint to fade away. Some water splashed up on the land, carrying Stargazer back into the river. Stargazer had appeared in a big area of water, looking around to see some snow and many plants and animals. This let Stargazer know her adventure had come to an end, and they were glad. It took Stargazer 4 years to get to Hudson Bay, which now they float around the boat with some other canoes. Stargazer knew she was going to be happy here.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


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