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Dream I had finally let go of my canoe and had released it into the Red River of the North. My canoe’s name was Hudson; I gave it that name because I hoped he would travel to the Hudson Bay. As my canoe was drifting with the river, it made it to the opposite side of the river and got stuck in a root, great. I then quickly grabbed the biggest rock and threw it at Hudson. Just like that, the rock hit the canoe and it popped out and was on his journey to the Hudson Bay.Hudson had traveled day by day, and night by night until winter had came and froze Hudson into the thick ice. It wasn’t until another six months when he had broken free and continued on with his journey. Hudson was traveling at a pretty steady pace until there was beaver in sight. Unfortunately, the beaver took one look at Hudson and took him for his beaver dam. Hudson wasn’t able to break free from the beaver dam, all he could do was wait. Hudson hadn’t moved in a long time and pretty soon it would be winter again, and Hudson will be frozen once more.Finally, spring had come, and that means Hudson will defrost and get back on his journey! There was still one problem, Hudson was still in a beaver dam. The water kept rising from melting ice and the force had pushed Hudson under and out of the beaver dam.While on his journey, he ran into a turtle which served as a friend since the turtle was traveling the same direction. Hudson appeared to be a leader to the little turtle. After a couple days, the turtle had ventured off his own way.More summers and winters had passed, and Hudson wasn’t getting stuck every two days. Hudson had kept following the current upstream, and pretty soon the Hudson Bay was in sight. After another hour or two Hudson had done it! He made it to the Hudson Bay! As Hudson kept going he saw polar bears. Hudson had completed its journey, and was ready to go farther.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


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