Code 19RD0524
Dream My canoe’s name is Devon. He begins his journey at the Red River. Devon starts flowing north, while he is doing this, he comes across a big beaver’s dam. The beaver’s dam caught Devon and he couldn’t get out of it, and the current wasn’t strong enough to pull him out. The next day, Devon was still stuck until the beaver was whacking it’s tail really hard and broke some of its dam and freed Devon. After a few weeks flowing through the river, Devon was passing through lots of wildlife and lots of trees. Suddenly he saw some movement through all of the trees, it was something big and brown. As it got closer, he saw that it was a deer and it started to run towards Devon. The deer picked the canoe up in its mouth and walked with it. The deer thought that the canoe was food until it put it in its mouth, the deer dropped Devon and left it there. After a couple days, the wind started to pick up and started to move Devon back into the water and he was back on his journey once again. After a couple months, the air became cooler and the water started to freeze. Devon got stuck in the frozen water close to land. Many months went by as Devon was stuck, he saw lots of animals pass him as he was stuck. As time went by, the river started to warm up and the ice started to melt. When the ice melted, Devon was stuck on land. A fish was jumping out of the water and back in. The fish jumped out of the water and nicked the boat and flipped it back into the water. Devon was back to flowing in the river. He was going to flow into the Hudson Bay. 2 years went by before he went into the Hudson Bay.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


Photo - 19RD0524