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Dream My canoe’s name is Emerson, which means brave and powerful in German. She will begin her journey at the Red River in Grand Forks, North Dakota and hopes to make it all the way to Hudson Bay. Along the way, Emerson meets grizzly bear, a moose, and a wolf. When Emerson reaches a waterfall, she doesn't want to go down it because she could get hurt or even demolished from its extremely fast rapids. So she waits it out for a day on a tree that fell into the river. Then nothing happened. The rapids didn’t slow down and the drop didn't get any smaller so she waits another day. Still everything was the same. Once a week went by, Emerson was just about to give up, but then she saw a grizzly bear come from his den in the woods. The grizzly bear hopped in the river to look for some fish for his young. Before you knew it, Emerson got picked up by the grizzly bear and was carried down the side of the waterfall on her back. The grizzly bear carefully set her down in the river so Emerson could continue her journey. About two months later, Emerson drifted off into a very narrow creek with tides that were so slow they were barely moving her at all. Not only was she off track and barely moving at all, she was also trapped by a huge dam. Now Emerson thought she was going to be stuck there for months, but luckily there was a moose cooling off in the water. At first when Emerson saw him walking along side of the creek she thought that it was not going to see her. After about 10 minutes of cooling off by the dam, Emerson gets caught in the moose's antlers when he ducked his head under water. The moose was just looking for fish but Emerson didn’t know that. Then the moose went to the other side of the dam to look for more food. When he saw a fish slither by, he swooped his head back in the water and grabbed it. Emerson was released from his antlers. Gratefully the slow creek turned back into the river and Emerson was back on track.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


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