Code 19RD0519
Dream My canoe has a dream; She is mightier than she may seem; My canoe will float up the water; she’ll float till someone's caught’er. She will pass by everyone. She will ride the river until you come.Once you have found my canoe,You can look at the design that I drew.My canoe will flow down the river; In the cold she may shiver; Warm days will come,But the cold will make her numb. She will get stuck; In all of the muck. Her mighty self will push through; Along her will walk a caribou.She will see the world in a new way,She won’t even have to pay.Many fish will swim next to her; She may even come across a bear with brown fur. Moose, goose, deer; Think of all the animals she’ll come near. Up the Red River, She’ll push through like a scissor.Grand Forks to the border,Not out of this order.Up to Canada she’ll go; She might see a doe. Through The Arctic, headed to Hudson Bay; Where she could see a beluga whale spray. Into the ocean, she is free; My canoe will always mean something to me.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


Photo - 19RD0519