Code 19RD0516
Dream Caleb’s canoe starts its journey on the Red River. The canoe floats about 10 miles north, and then encounters a large log that is caught along the side of the river. It is approaching the log and pushes up against it, and remains stationary for a whole day. Canoe sees a goose along with its goslings investigating the river. The goose jumps down into the river and frees the canoe from the log. The canoe will continue its journey along the river. The canoe is floating along the river further north, and encounters a large rock blocking most of the river. Canoe pushes up against the rock, and remains there for several days. Later on, a deer came walking by. While standing on shore, the deer curiously investigated the canoe, and pushed it over the rock. Canoe continued its journey along the Red river. The canoe floats along the river seeing animals like bison, geese, and deer. Canoe floats over rapids in the river, and flips upside down for another week. While canoe is floating upside down, it bumps into another rock, and flips right side up again. A person riding in a canoe floats down the river, and picks up canoe and takes him to his house, which is very close to the border of North Dakota and Canada. The man carefully investigates the canoe, and notices the message written on it. The man records that he has seen the canoe and the next day, he places the canoe back in the river so it can continue its journey. As the canoe is floating along the river, it passes by a campsite and curious campers decide to investigate the canoe. The campers bring the canoe back home with them, and don’t put it back in the river for another 3 years because they live in Wisconsin, not along the Red River. The families relatives from North Dakota visit them for a weekend, and the canoe is given to them to be taken back home and set in the river again. The family stops by the river on their way back home, and sets the canoe back in the river so it can continue its journey to Hudson Bay. The canoe gets stuck a few more times during its journey, but after ten more years, the canoe makes it to Hudson Bay, and a traveler records where it had been found. The canoe had completed its journey.
Launched With Grand Forks Schroeder 7th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-28


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