Code 19RD0373
Dream Hi! I am trying to get to Hudson Bay or father! I will probably see birds, oters, people, and other cool stuff, it will be fascinating I will get picked up and put down a couple times. I will be brave, it will be really cool! It will be scary because of currents, boats,logs, people, and animals.It is going to be a fun journey for me! I really want to see another canoe, on my way! I will be floating around so find me and pick me up!My dream is to get to Hudson Bay without getting bit or hurt. I’m really looking forward to see you! This is my story! Bye,l must continue my journey,so put me back in the water!
Launched With EGF Sacred Heart 4th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-26
Sightings 1


Photo - 19RD0373