Code 19RD0197
Dream Sofa will make it to the Red River. Along the way she will meet a fish named Bob. Bob will keep Sofa company while she is going along. As Sofa goes along there is a thunderstorm. With the storm Sofa gets stuck in moss. A day later a bear named Matt pushed Sofa out of the moss and sets her back on course. Sofa continues for two days. Along the way she meets a school of fish, three moose, one bear, and eight squirrels. A day later a girl named Dani picks Sofa out of the water and brings Sofa back to Dani’s mom. Dani’s mom tried to convince Dani to bring Sofa back to the water but Dani would not listen. After Dani went to bed her mom brought Sofa back to the river. In the next week Sofa makes it to the Red River. All the animals greet Sofa. She is traveling along the Red River and one night there is a storm with strong wind. With the strong wind it blows Sofa on land where she can’t get back to the river. She hopes someday someone will find Sofa and put her back in the river so she can make it to the ocean.
Launched With Northern Cass 5th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-13
Sightings 1


Photo - 19RD0197