Code 19RD0169
Dream My canoe will make it all the way to Winnipeg Lake. I hope it sees cows and meets somebody named Joe. Along the way, my canoe’s journey will be weird. The canoe starts out where it started but then sunk. Then it came back up after two hours. Then it sees a rainbow a double rainbow. He thinks theirs gold on the other side at like Winnipeg. The canoe sees his chance to become rich. As his journey endures he sees chickens. Then a big wave starts heading his way. Now his surfing on big waves looking at cows. Hes at Lake Winnipeg and sees the money. Then Joe picks him up and Joe becomes rick and steals the canoe.
Launched With Lidgerwood 4th Grade - Chahinkapa Zoo
Last seen on 2020-01-31
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Photo - 19RD0169