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Dream The Long Adventure I hope I don't smell something that rings my bell and I hope it is a peaceful way. I hope I get to the sawmill and ride the waves that will carry me out to Hudson Bay. I hope I can get to Lake Winnipeg in Canada and make it around the world. I hear something in the woods in the middle of nowhere and no one has found me yet. I can see a bear; I can taste the water and touch the water. I hope I can experience many adventures. I hope I see cooperation between the different animals-that would be cool to see! I love it when it feels like I am floating on a cloud and it is magnificent. I don't care if it takes me centuries or generations-as long as I make it to Hudson Bay. Can you smell the birch wood trees? I can, and it smells good. Oh no! Here comes the storm and it is scaring away the animals. Boom! Crash! Zap! A tree is falling and it is in my way, and I can not get past it! Lucky for me I can go under the tree! I have come upon a different animal and it is a badger. At last I have made it to Lake Winnipeg- I just have to go to Hudson Bay to finish my journey.
Launched With Fertile-Beltrami 4th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-08-08
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