Code 18RD0838
Dream My dream for my canoe is to make it up to Grand Forks. I don't expect it to go all the way to the Ocean, but that would be great! I want my canoe to see lots of animals, and maybe even a new species. Instead of a rocky, bumpy boat, I kind of don't want my canoe to get ruined. It's okay if it does though. Hopefully along the way I hope that my canoe sees other boaths, and gets discovered. It would be awesome f people or animals would use it and do something with it to help their lives, like building a house, let a kid play with it, and then maybe it would accidentally fall into a river and go somewhere amazing. Good Luck Canoe.
Launched With Central Cass 5th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2020-05-01
Sightings 1