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Dream Paddle to the Hudson has a dream! Paddle will leave Pembina County with big plans to head as far north as Hudson Bay in Canada. Paddle will leave on a bright sunny morning when his owner, Mrs. Teacher, launches him into the Tongue River in Northeastern North Dakota.At first, the water will be shocking and cold, but soon, even before reaching Cavalier, the sun will warm Paddle’s back. Minnows, called Chubs, will nibble at Paddle’s bottom trying to figure out what this strange creature might be. As Paddle floats to the east towards Neche, he will hear tractors busy in the fields with spring planting. As the sun settles on the first day, Paddle will be lulled to sleep by the hooting of owls and coyotes’ yipping. When the little canoe awakens, he will notice a mother deer nibbling the newly grown shoots of Dogwood, and her young fawn dozing in the newly grown grass near the city of Bathgate. The days will pass quickly as Paddle floats closer to the city of Pembina. Along the banks of the Red River, Paddle will see families fishing for catfish beneath the shade of Oak trees. Paddle will chuckle to himself when he notices the catfish are not at all interested in the fisherman's bait! As Paddle floats closer to the Canadian border he will watch the geese returning to the area after a long flight from the south. This distraction will cause Paddle to almost miss the ferns that are leafing out along the Nelson River in Manitoba. Paddle will listen the buzz of newly hatched mosquitoes, confident that he will not become their prey. Paddle will be on constant watch for ducks, geese, and swans that may compete for the space between fallen logs along his path to Hudson Bay, Manitoba.After many beautiful sunrises and sunsets paddle will awaken to find he is being rocked by the waves of Lake Winnipeg. All around him he will hear the laughter of families as they enjoy their lake cottages and water recreation. At times, he will find it necessary to hide in the reeds along the lake shore to avoid the playful hands of small children. Paddle will think how close he is to Hudson Bay. He will remember all the moments along his journey, starting when Mrs. Teacher first launched him into the Tongue River. Paddle to the Hudson has a dream that is as big as the world we live in. Dream big, Paddle, it will come true!
Launched With Cavalier 5th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-08


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