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Dream Hi! My name is Magnolia, Maggie for short, and I am a canoe with a dream! It will all begin on the Tongue River west of Cavalier, North Dakota, on a beautiful spring morning. As spring in North Dakota is extremely unpredictable, I know that the beginning of my journey on the river could be rough. I have a feeling that I will be so eager to begin and I will have so much energy that it will not matter if I encounter icy waters or varying weather conditions or even hungry creatures! I can conquer it all! After I launch, I will begin my journey down the river. My first stop will be Cavalier, North Dakota. I hope I am spotted here! From there I will travel to Bathgate, North Dakota, where I will stop for a rest. I will take in the sights of nature all around me: cattails growing along the riverbank, beautiful and strong old oak trees, and maybe if I am lucky, the state flower, the wild prairie rose! From the Tongue River, I will float into the Red River. This river is unique because its flow is northbound. While floating lazily along the Red, I hope to make friends with some chubs and northern pike, a doe and her fawn, and maybe even a coyote! It is on this river that I will leave the United States and enter into Canada. How I look forward to visiting a new country for the first time! I most look forward to visiting Winnipeg, Manitoba, while in Canada. My wildest dream is to end up at the Hudson Bay. If I reach that destination, I will likely be an old, weathered canoe. I will feel so fortunate to be in that situation, because if I am, it will mean I have had a lifetime of amazing adventures. Wish me luck! I hope to meet you along the way!
Launched With Cavalier 5th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-08


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