Code 18RD0770
Dream I will be launched at the Tongue River and at first I want to see a chub jumping. I hope to see a bald eagle chasing a field mouse. Then I want to go to the Pembina River and see a sign that says Pembina River. Then out of nowhere a channel catfish will tail slap me. Then I will go to the Red River and that is where all the action will happens I will get caught in a guys fishing line when he is reeling in a blue catfish ,and I will get caught in a boat motor then I will get my paddle lost but the fisherman will get me a new paddle. Then I will get caught in a fallen down oak tree, then by the algae there will be a yellow perch getting chased by a northern pike. I will see a lot of wild flowers.I will get to elk lake and see a elk on the shore and a white tail deer. This is how I hope my journey will be.
Launched With Cavalier 5th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-08


Photo - 18RD0770