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Dream This is my canoe’s story of what I hope my canoe sees along the way from Cavalier to Hudson Bay. I hope my beautiful Soomka sees a lot of beavers, turkeys, elk, goldeye, and moose. For the plants I hope to see is sunflowers, juneberry bushes, and chokecherry trees. I hope my beautiful canoe makes it from Cavalier to Hudson Bay. Whoever reads this gets my love, my hope, and strength good luck to whoever finds this. I was released in the Tongue River in Cavalier,N.D. As I floated down the river I saw a lot of dragonflies, weeping willows, thistle, and a Bald Eagle soaring through the sky. I went from the Tongue River to the Pembina River. My entrance into the meandering Pembina Riverwas brief and pleasant. I saw several moose drinking peacefully at the waters edge. Some of the stuff that was hazardous was the waters currents that pulled me under which caused me to hit several logs, birds, and insect larvae. If you’ve read this all the way through, Thank You For Reading My Canoe’s Story
Launched With Cavalier 5th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-08


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