Code 18RD0752
Dream Hi my name is Amelia Gonzalous the Canoe and i am going on a special vacation trip, it is going to be amazing! I hope to see a pasture of horses and get to stop at the gas station to get an ice cream sandwich. Then, I hope I will go on my way and get to see a really tall elm tree. Next, I hope to see an Eastern cottontail rabbit, elk, and a grizzly bear and cub. Then, I will get stuck on a willow tree in the water, but I will go under it and I get to see a sunken aspen tree. Before this, I get to see Cavalier, North Dakota, Bathgate, North Dakota, Pembina, North Dakota, and Emerson Manitoba. Before, any of this happens, I will go on the Tongue river, Pembina river, and after all of that I will end in the Hudson Bay. In conclusion, I hope to have an amazing vacation.
Launched With Cavalier 5th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-08


Photo - 18RD0752