Code 18RD0743
Dream My name is Dreamer. I will be launched at the Tongue River in Cavalier. I hope to sail on the Pembina River, the Red River, and then go into Elk Lake. Elk Lake will lead me into Lake Winnipeg, then Playgreen Lake, into the Nelson River, and finally into the much awaited Hudson Bay. Hudson Bay will then eventually lead me into the Atlantic Ocean. I will hopefully flow through Bathgate and Pembina in North Dakota, and Emerson, Ginew, Saint Jean Baptiste, Aubigny, Winnipeg, Narol, Gonor, Lockport, and finally Selkirk in Canada. In the rivers I will flow through, I will meet a flathead catfish named Fred and he will travel with me. He will bring me to meet all of his friends such as, Ned ( the northern pike ), Charles ( the chub ), Barry ( the blue catfish ), Yolinda ( the yellow perch ), and Sam ( the small pike ). In the Spring, white tailed deer will run with Eastern cottontail rabbits while squirrels and bald eagles watch from up high.
Launched With Cavalier 5th Grade (2019)
Last seen on 2019-05-08


Photo - 18RD0743