Code 18RD0067
Dream My canoe will travel oh yes it will I hope it will go to the Hudson Bay. All the things it will see all the trees and flowers it will pass. I hope I hope it will go it will go everywhere I want it to go. All the animals it will see oh there it goes there it goes on the river to the Hudson Bay. There I go there I go on my way to the Hudson Bay. If I get stuck if I get stuck who will help me just who maybe it will be you! I see all the animals just all of them there is a fox in his box a mouse in her house and the bird in the sky. I look all around I see all the nature just all of it I look a round on my way to the Hudson Bay.2 months have past they flew by like a fly. Oh no oh no for I am stuck I am stuck on a rock hopefully someone will help me. Here is a person sir help me help me. He did just so just so. He let me go he let me go. I am at the last river the last river on my way to the Hudson Bay. Oh no again I am stuck on the sand. Who will help me just who. To a surprise to a surprise a little girl a little girl let me go in the Hudson Bay the Hudson Bay.
Launched With EGF Sacred Heart 4th Grade
Last seen on 2022-11-28
Sightings 3


Photo - 18RD0067