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Dream Three, two, one! I just got Launched in the Sand Hill River. I wonder what I will see? Oh! I will see a coyote running as fast as lightning chasing a deer. And I will see minnows swimming and frightened of me. oh no!!! There is a bear! What is it doing groaning and moaning against the tree? Oh, I know! it is scratching its back, I guess some itches just need to be scratched. Look up ahead! what is that? It looks like turtle to me. No- it’s a rock. Oh, no! I’m going to hit the rock and then, tip. (Tip) Sploosh, slash, ahhhh!!!!! The water tastes gross ewe ewe and eweweweweweweweweweweweweweweweweewewewewewewewewewe!!! Disgusting. But how am I going to get back up? Oh, no! this is really bad. what if a fish eats me? What if a bird takes me? if anything happens to me I won’t make it to canada. noooooooo!!!!!!! This can’t happen to me! why, why, why, why? it will be so, so, so,so,so, so Beautiful there i bet. caw, Caw, caw. What is that noise? oh,no! it is a bird. please drop me. oh well-what are the odds? (Slash) yes!!!! Look at all the fish swimming-they are all so cute!!! Oh my! look at all the animals! it is so pretty! I see Moose, deer, ducks, geese, swans, fish, and thankfully, there is no bear! now I am off to Hudson Bay.
Launched With Fertile-Beltrami 4th Grade (2018)
Last seen on 2018-07-19
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