Code 17FBE006
Launched By Fertile-Beltrami
Dream I will be thrown in at the Sand Hill River. I hope to smell the fresh blossoms and feel the smooth current on me. It might feel like a year, but I hope to make it to the Canadian border. I hope to see lots of water, trees and a lot of cows, pigs, and horses. I will float along smoothly and hope to see a big black bear, it will pick me up in his mouth and spit me out. I will almost go down his throat!!! It will be SCARY!!! I hope to get to the Norway House and for someone to pick me up. I will not know who it is until I see her face, I hope it’s a young lady. I hope she has pink lips and rosy red cheeks. I hope she will repaint me and put me back into the sea. I hope to make it to Hudson Bay.
Launched With Fertile-Beltrami 4th Grade (2017)
Last seen on 2020-10-17
Sightings 3


Photo - 17FBE006